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10 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers = $110

cheesburgersIt was Rick’s birthday on Saturday and to celebrate we had a cheeseburger eating contest at McDonald’s. The management at McDonald’s wasn’t overly happy with us having the contest there, but they still let us have it as long as we didn’t throw up in the restaurant or on the premises. I’m happy to report that not one contestant threw up. Obviously nobody pushed themselves hard enough. We had 30 minutes to eat as many cheeseburgers as we could and in the end I ate the most. And with my $10 buy in I won the $110 pot. I do have to throw some respect Kevin’s way. He came in 10 minutes late and was still able to pack away 8 cheeseburgers. If he had the full amount of time, I probably would have gone down. Here are the final results:

Martin – 9 3/4
Brandon – 9 1/2
Dan – 9
Kevin – 8
Casey – 5
Thor – 5
Tommy – 4

Next time I think we need to have a sushi eating contest. With all you can eat it would almost be cheaper per person than the cheeseburgers.


Vote for Tyler!!

Tyler’s in a photo contest and she needs her friends and family to vote for her photo so that she can win toys!! There’s a text box on the voting page where you’ll enter your email address and you’ll then be asked to click a verification link in an email that you’ll receive.

Vote now >>>


Is it a boy or girl? What’s your guess?

At first everyone said it was going to be a girl. Now everyone says it’s going to be a boy. People have comments how Melissa’s carrying our baby, they have tried the ring on a string trick, they have checked the heart rate and many of those other old wives tails. In the end everyone has a 50 percent chance of gettin’ it right. The hard part is trying to guess how big it’s going to be and when it’s actually gonig to be born. Care to take a guess for yourself? We’ll be giving a prize to the person with the best guess. Of course this is only open to friends and family, so to any strangers on the web, you can guess, but you can’t win. :)

What’s your guess?