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Disneyland 2010

Disco FamilyWe’re back from a week in Disneyland. The entire place was done up for Christmas with lights, christmas trees, presents and music. Even the characters were in Christmas hats, sweaters, etc. What a great start to the Christmas season.

Tyler had a blast meeting all of the characters, going on the rides and seeing all of the shows. Tyler was a half inch too short for some of the bigger rides, so we bought her some 1 inch heal princess shoes and off she went onto Splash Mountain, Soarin’ Over California, Jumping Jelly Fish and the swings. I can’t wait to get her on some of the really big rides the next time we go.

Emma had fun too. She enjoyed all of the lights and characters. Anything bright made her happy.

It was a great trip and we look forward to coming back when Cars land is open. The girls were amazing overall with Tyler putting herself down for naps in the stroller. They’re both super happy to be home though.

Now on to Christmas!!!


$2463 & 60KM Thanks to You!!

walk for the cureWhat started as a “maybe we could raise that much”, to a “I don’t know” ended up being a NO PROBLEM! Between very generous individual donations, the generous winners of our “Poker for Boobies Tournament”, the many Capes for the Cure and Tutu’s Too orders and my Mom’s car wash, we surpassed the $2000 mark for fundraising. Which ended up sending me on a 60KM walk all around Vancouver. There were aches, blisters, blisters on blisters, some great laughs, great memories and something that will never be forgotten. Being part of a 1600 person walk and in the end raising $4.1 million was pretty amazing and it more than trumps any of the aches and blisters that you get on the walk. Thank you everyone for your support and I hope everyone got as warm a fuzzy feeling as I did.


Congratulations Melissa!!! BA in Criminal Justice

Melissa and I started off going to UCFV full-time together back in 1997. Then when we got married and moved out of the parents’ houses, I continued on to finish my degree and take a few co-op work terms while Melissa managed various Rogers Video locations. It was great once I graduated because Melissa could finally quit Rogers and continue her schooling. And now here we are, two and a half years later and Melissa has her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Melissa’s going to take some time off to raise our little miss and when she’s ready, Melissa plans to work her way up to a Justice of the Peace position in the courts system.

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It wasn’t a shower it was a monsoon!

It was great seeing so many people at the shower. We only wish we had more time to visit with everyone. Melissa was definitely wiped out by the end of it. Congratulations to Gary for winning the PlayDoh Baby game and Heather for winning the M&M game by guessing exactly how many were in the jar (383). Great effort by all on the trivia, weren’t some of those answer mind boggling! The cake went quick and we weren’t saddled with many leftovers. Thanks for your help in that department Nikki! As for gifts, goodness you all spoiled us!! Sorry to anyone who had to leave early, and for taking so long – two hours definitely wasn’t long enough. It sure was an awful lot of fun though. Thanks again and stay tuned for more baby updates!

To Casey and Sage, we hope you two feel better. And to everyone else, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C!!