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Kids Super Hero Capes & Tutus for the Cure (SOLD OUT)

capes and tutus

Thank you to everyone who purchased a cape and tutu. We’re sold out this year. If you really really want a cape or tutu

Melissa’s raising money for the BC Walk to End Breast Cancer and one of her fund raising efforts is making super hero capes and tutus for kids.

The capes are $20 and you have the choice of a superman (red), supergirl (pink), or batman (black) style cape. For all capes the childs initial is incorporated into the logo. The capes are made of a medium weight polyester. It’s easy to clean and wrinkle resistant.

The tutus are also $20 and they come in either grey, white or cream, with a pink satin waistband & bow and chocolate brown or pink polka dots.

100% of all sales will go directly to pledges for the BC Walk to End Breast Cancer. Anyone wishing to make a cash donation can do so at Melissa’s personalized Walk to End Breast Cancer site,, which will provide you with a tax receipt.

Thank you for your support!

How to Order

1. What size in inches is your child’s waste?
2. What is the distance from your child’s waste to knee?
3. What color tulle would you like? (grey, white or cream)
4. What color polka dots would you like? (chocolate brown or pink)

1. How tall is your child?
2. What is your child’s initial?
3. What style logo woud you like? (Batman, superman or supergirl)

How long does it take?
Capes and tutu’s generally take a day to make. Though depending on how many orders we have and also how our personal schedule goes, it can take longer. If you don’t need the cape or tutu right away please let us know. It can help us to schedule, which capes to make first if someone needs one quickly.

Payment & Delivery
If you live in the Fraser Valley or somewhere near Vancouver we can arrange to meet you somewhere to deliver the item as well as receive payment. If you live elsewhere we can definitely ship the item to you at your cost. We did ship one cape to Texas, which cost $8.50. There might be cheaper shipping options, though that was Canada Posts rate with a bubble wrap envelope to help protect the cape. Payments can be completed through PayPal for $1 per item. This is PayPal’s standard transaction fee.

If you purchased an item and have a picture of your child in the cape/tutu we would love to have a copy of it to post on our site. With your permission of course.