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What Crazy Weather!

Mother Nature decided to drop another dump of snow onto us. Luckily we had our fancy winter tires installed. We even passed a couple of trucks on the way up a few hills. Go Civic Go! We even got home in time to go on a nice romantic walk with just the two of us. (Scruffy gave us a “Are you CRAZY look!” and then promptly turned around and curled up on his cushions)


The nursery is all painted up. Now it’s time to fill it.

We finished painting the nursery this past weekend. You can’t help but have a smile on your face when you’re in the room. We’re setting up the crib, dresser and other furniture right now, and hope to have it all ready for our little one soon.


First Snowfall of 2006 and It’s a Doozy!!

Well, it’s the first snowfall of winter 2006 and it’s a DOOZY!! There’s over half a foot of snow on the ground and it keeps comin’ down. I guess I’ll be working at home for at least one day. I hope everyone’s out enjoying the snow and everyone is safe.


Safety First

Most dogs can swim, but Scruffy just isn’t one of those dogs. The first time we put him in water he sunk like a rock. Then he just sat there looking up at Melissa wondering when she would take him out of the water. On our last camping trip we decided to get Scruffy a life jacket. No only is it good for keeping him out of the water, but it’s also a great hande for carrying him around.