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Disneyland 2010

Disco FamilyWe’re back from a week in Disneyland. The entire place was done up for Christmas with lights, christmas trees, presents and music. Even the characters were in Christmas hats, sweaters, etc. What a great start to the Christmas season.

Tyler had a blast meeting all of the characters, going on the rides and seeing all of the shows. Tyler was a half inch too short for some of the bigger rides, so we bought her some 1 inch heal princess shoes and off she went onto Splash Mountain, Soarin’ Over California, Jumping Jelly Fish and the swings. I can’t wait to get her on some of the really big rides the next time we go.

Emma had fun too. She enjoyed all of the lights and characters. Anything bright made her happy.

It was a great trip and we look forward to coming back when Cars land is open. The girls were amazing overall with Tyler putting herself down for naps in the stroller. They’re both super happy to be home though.

Now on to Christmas!!!


Christmas is Coming!!

So yeah, it’s been a CRAZY busy summer and fall and well our old blog software wasn’t that easy to post with so I upgraded to WordPress. I’m not saying you’ll see a lot more posts, but I can guarantee that you’ll see more regular photo updates.

Onto the update. There was a bunch of stuff this summer. I went Mountain Biking at Silverstar with the guys and had a great time though I ended up rolling my ankle on the first day, though I toughed it out the second day, but paid for that for a month and half as it healed. Dang that hurts.

We had a GREAT trip up to Grandpa Gilbert’s. Tyler got to play in the garden lots, went on a bungee trampoline and got to go to the game farm up there.

The HUGE news for the summer was that we went to DISNEYLAND!!!! We went with Casey and our friends Mark & Laura and their kids Taye & Nya. We had so much fun! Especially Tyler. She got to wear her princess dress lots and LOVED everything about the trip. Especially the characters and rides. We’ll definitely be going back one day!

After that it was a bunch of work around the house. We laid a new portion of our concrete sidewalk and then re-coated the fir floors in the house. Both projects worked out really well.

And now we come up to today’s news. We have a new furry member of the family named Grover. Yes Grover like the Muppet and the Monster At the End of This Book. :) He’s an 8 week old Welsh Terrier that we got from Darwyn Welsh Terriers in Mission of all places. There are only a few registered breeders in Canada and one of them happened to be 10 minutes from our house. They’re great people and breed some AMAZING Welsh Terriers. We have already posted some pictures and will have lots more to come.

That’s about it for now. We’ll have weekly photo updates and you might even see a blog post or two. We hope everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit. We already have the Christmas music going in the car and have the Christmas lights up.


Thanks for Partying with Us!

thanks for partying with us

Thank you to everyone for partying with us for Tyler’s 2nd birthday! Tyler had a great time with all of her “buddies” as she would say. She also said to say “Thank you much!” for all of the presents. I’ll be posting pictures over the next few days and I’ll also put up the recipe for the cake/icing. It was definitely a great find and one that I’ll use in the future. I hope everyone had a great rest of your weekends! We enjoyed a great day in White Rock with a nice picnic, some shopping and an ice cream faced Tyler walking down the pier.


Tyler’s First Sail on Papa’s Boat

sailingTyler took her first sail on Papa’s new 34” sailboat last weekend and LOVED every minute of it. The kid was CRAZY about the water and fearless about walking around the boat. She didn’t care how much the boat was bobbing around, she wanted to be right at the edge checking everything out. And when she got to see a critter in the water she went nuts! We saw porpoises, seals (puppies as Tyler called them) and lots of birds. This was Tyler’s initial test run on the boat. I would definitely call it a SUCCESS and we’ll definitely be going for many more sailing trips this summer.


$2463 & 60KM Thanks to You!!

walk for the cureWhat started as a “maybe we could raise that much”, to a “I don’t know” ended up being a NO PROBLEM! Between very generous individual donations, the generous winners of our “Poker for Boobies Tournament”, the many Capes for the Cure and Tutu’s Too orders and my Mom’s car wash, we surpassed the $2000 mark for fundraising. Which ended up sending me on a 60KM walk all around Vancouver. There were aches, blisters, blisters on blisters, some great laughs, great memories and something that will never be forgotten. Being part of a 1600 person walk and in the end raising $4.1 million was pretty amazing and it more than trumps any of the aches and blisters that you get on the walk. Thank you everyone for your support and I hope everyone got as warm a fuzzy feeling as I did.


Oregon Surfing 2008

oregonThis past week we went to Cannon Beach, Oregon for a surfing trip. We only ended up getting in two days of surfing, which was a bummer, but we had lots of great camp fires, walks on the beach, roller blades with Tyler in her stroller, great deals shopping and some great food. Okay, the food got a little repetative with the hots dogs and burgers, but we did finish off most of them. And what we didn’t finish we fed to the birds. One seagull ate a whole hotdog in one bite. We stayed in a great place that was only 1 block from the beach. We HIGHLY recommend it. For the price I don’t think you’ll find a better place in Cannon Beach to sleep 8 people. We also HIGHLY recommend The Original Pancake house. The pancakes were the best that we have tasted anywhere! The only catch is that they’re open from 6AM to 2PM every day. Don’t be late and don’t order anything other than a big plate of pancakes. As for stuff we don’t recommend, I would not recommend Cannon Beach Surf Shop. The staff were rude, including the owner, and the rental gear STANK like smelly socks. It actually stank worse than that, but I can’t find the words to explain how brutal it was. Check out the pics of the trip to see some of our adventures. We’ll get some surfing pictures once we collect the photos from everyone else.


Kids Super Hero Capes & Tutus for the Cure (SOLD OUT)

capes and tutus

Thank you to everyone who purchased a cape and tutu. We’re sold out this year. If you really really want a cape or tutu

Melissa’s raising money for the BC Walk to End Breast Cancer and one of her fund raising efforts is making super hero capes and tutus for kids.

The capes are $20 and you have the choice of a superman (red), supergirl (pink), or batman (black) style cape. For all capes the childs initial is incorporated into the logo. The capes are made of a medium weight polyester. It’s easy to clean and wrinkle resistant.

The tutus are also $20 and they come in either grey, white or cream, with a pink satin waistband & bow and chocolate brown or pink polka dots.

100% of all sales will go directly to pledges for the BC Walk to End Breast Cancer. Anyone wishing to make a cash donation can do so at Melissa’s personalized Walk to End Breast Cancer site,, which will provide you with a tax receipt.

Thank you for your support!

How to Order

1. What size in inches is your child’s waste?
2. What is the distance from your child’s waste to knee?
3. What color tulle would you like? (grey, white or cream)
4. What color polka dots would you like? (chocolate brown or pink)

1. How tall is your child?
2. What is your child’s initial?
3. What style logo woud you like? (Batman, superman or supergirl)

How long does it take?
Capes and tutu’s generally take a day to make. Though depending on how many orders we have and also how our personal schedule goes, it can take longer. If you don’t need the cape or tutu right away please let us know. It can help us to schedule, which capes to make first if someone needs one quickly.

Payment & Delivery
If you live in the Fraser Valley or somewhere near Vancouver we can arrange to meet you somewhere to deliver the item as well as receive payment. If you live elsewhere we can definitely ship the item to you at your cost. We did ship one cape to Texas, which cost $8.50. There might be cheaper shipping options, though that was Canada Posts rate with a bubble wrap envelope to help protect the cape. Payments can be completed through PayPal for $1 per item. This is PayPal’s standard transaction fee.

If you purchased an item and have a picture of your child in the cape/tutu we would love to have a copy of it to post on our site. With your permission of course.


Congratulations Melissa!!! BA in Criminal Justice

Melissa and I started off going to UCFV full-time together back in 1997. Then when we got married and moved out of the parents’ houses, I continued on to finish my degree and take a few co-op work terms while Melissa managed various Rogers Video locations. It was great once I graduated because Melissa could finally quit Rogers and continue her schooling. And now here we are, two and a half years later and Melissa has her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Melissa’s going to take some time off to raise our little miss and when she’s ready, Melissa plans to work her way up to a Justice of the Peace position in the courts system.

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It’s a Girl!!!

Make Blumenfeld
Model Tyler Madison
Release Date May 1, 2007 @ 1:57PM
Curb Weight 7lb 12oz
Height 21 inches
Trim Color Brown hair, blue/hazel eyes
Maintenance Diaper changes every two hours

We’ve had numerous phone calls, emails, MSN and text messages from family and friends all asking where our little Monkey was, and we can finally say she’s here!! Tyler Madison Blumenfeld was born on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 1:57pm. She is 21inches tall and weighs 7lb 12oz. Melissa was a champ throughout the entire delivery. Both Melissa and Tyler are doing great!! We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the entire pregnancy.


Any day now!!!

The house is cleaned, the nursery is ready, our bags are packed and the car seat is installed, but still there’s no sign of our little monkey. Maybe it’s waiting for its diapers to arrive on Monday. We had a doctors appointment today and she said we’re coming along nicely, though we’re not there yet. But then she followed that up by saying that it could all happen once we step out her door.

As soon as we have some news we’ll be sending out text messages and be calling people. So keep those cell phones close.

And here’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Monnu!!!!