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What Crazy Weather!

Mother Nature decided to drop another dump of snow onto us. Luckily we had our fancy winter tires installed. We even passed a couple of trucks on the way up a few hills. Go Civic Go! We even got home in time to go on a nice romantic walk with just the two of us. (Scruffy gave us a “Are you CRAZY look!” and then promptly turned around and curled up on his cushions)


First Snowfall of 2006 and It’s a Doozy!!

Well, it’s the first snowfall of winter 2006 and it’s a DOOZY!! There’s over half a foot of snow on the ground and it keeps comin’ down. I guess I’ll be working at home for at least one day. I hope everyone’s out enjoying the snow and everyone is safe.


Melissa’s First Blog

Ok, so this is (pathetically to some, I’m sure) my very first official entry onto our site.  What prompted me to finally venture into the unknown was the lack of new content that didn’t include new cars or the likes, and the continual nudges of my fabulous sister-in-law (thanks Lia!).  We’ve been desperately wanting to devote some space to our adorable niece, Tatiana, but embarrassingly we’ve only recently gotten to it!  But, tada!  This week we created a folder for our niece, our nephew Mason, and our honorary nephew-ish Nicolas.  Seriously, they are the cutest lot you’ll ever see and I’m only slightly biased!  K, well, that’s my blog.  It wasn’t that painful.  And perhaps next time I’ll be able to post more without the aid of my fabulous husband!  (Wonders never cease!)