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Thanks for Partying with Us!

thanks for partying with us

Thank you to everyone for partying with us for Tyler’s 2nd birthday! Tyler had a great time with all of her “buddies” as she would say. She also said to say “Thank you much!” for all of the presents. I’ll be posting pictures over the next few days and I’ll also put up the recipe for the cake/icing. It was definitely a great find and one that I’ll use in the future. I hope everyone had a great rest of your weekends! We enjoyed a great day in White Rock with a nice picnic, some shopping and an ice cream faced Tyler walking down the pier.


Happy 1st Birthday Tyler!

1st birthdayTyler turned 1 today! We asked her if she felt any older, but she didn’t give a response. I guess she just feels the same. She did get to try out her first cake and the icing was a HUGE hit. Even if it was a sugar, egg and wheat free cake. She did say that she’s looking forward to her second cake on Saturday at her party.

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Scruffy’s Birthday is Coming!!

It’ll be Scruffy’s 3rd birthday on May 1st, and since his little brother or sister hasn’t popped yet, they could end up having the same birthday has him. Who would have thought we could potentially have a May baby?!

So to still give him a special day we had his grandparents and uncle Titan over for dinner and Melissa baked up some doggy apple cupcakes. Scruffy thoroughly enjoyed his treats and Titan helped polish off whatever Scruffy wouldn’t eat.


Happy 2nd Birthday Scruffy

It’s Scruffy’s 2nd birthday today. He had a full steak dinner and for presents he received a car seat. Now he’s safe while driving in the car. Plus when he’s in the car he sits up higher so he can easily see out the window.