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We’re home from the hospital

It was a long stay, but we’re back from the hospital. We only expected to be there for a couple of days, but that quickly extended to 4 days since we ended up having to go in for a C-section. The cord was wrapped around Tyler’s neck and it wasn’t letting her drop properly. Melissa has recovered beautifully and hopefully after a week of taking it easy we’ll be able to get out and about a little bit. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

It was great having all of our visitors at the hospital and we already have a few reservations for this weekend. If you want to stop by please give us a call first.

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It’s a Girl!!!

Make Blumenfeld
Model Tyler Madison
Release Date May 1, 2007 @ 1:57PM
Curb Weight 7lb 12oz
Height 21 inches
Trim Color Brown hair, blue/hazel eyes
Maintenance Diaper changes every two hours

We’ve had numerous phone calls, emails, MSN and text messages from family and friends all asking where our little Monkey was, and we can finally say she’s here!! Tyler Madison Blumenfeld was born on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 1:57pm. She is 21inches tall and weighs 7lb 12oz. Melissa was a champ throughout the entire delivery. Both Melissa and Tyler are doing great!! We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the entire pregnancy.


Any day now!!!

The house is cleaned, the nursery is ready, our bags are packed and the car seat is installed, but still there’s no sign of our little monkey. Maybe it’s waiting for its diapers to arrive on Monday. We had a doctors appointment today and she said we’re coming along nicely, though we’re not there yet. But then she followed that up by saying that it could all happen once we step out her door.

As soon as we have some news we’ll be sending out text messages and be calling people. So keep those cell phones close.

And here’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Monnu!!!!


My little prego just keeps going

It’s six days until our due date and Melissa keeps going and going. She’s been out and about with friends going on walks; cleaning and santizing the house since we all know she’s a clean freak; running erands; and even doing some gardening. She barely takes a moment to relax. Is she a preggo or an energizer bunny?! :) Hopefully the baby comes soon so that I can get her to relax a bit, well as much as we’ll be able to with our new little one.

Our first guess on the baby pool has come on gone. Who will be the winner?

Check out the new pictures and I’ll try to get some more news up shortly.


It wasn’t a shower it was a monsoon!

It was great seeing so many people at the shower. We only wish we had more time to visit with everyone. Melissa was definitely wiped out by the end of it. Congratulations to Gary for winning the PlayDoh Baby game and Heather for winning the M&M game by guessing exactly how many were in the jar (383). Great effort by all on the trivia, weren’t some of those answer mind boggling! The cake went quick and we weren’t saddled with many leftovers. Thanks for your help in that department Nikki! As for gifts, goodness you all spoiled us!! Sorry to anyone who had to leave early, and for taking so long – two hours definitely wasn’t long enough. It sure was an awful lot of fun though. Thanks again and stay tuned for more baby updates!

To Casey and Sage, we hope you two feel better. And to everyone else, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C!!


Is it a boy or girl? What’s your guess?

At first everyone said it was going to be a girl. Now everyone says it’s going to be a boy. People have comments how Melissa’s carrying our baby, they have tried the ring on a string trick, they have checked the heart rate and many of those other old wives tails. In the end everyone has a 50 percent chance of gettin’ it right. The hard part is trying to guess how big it’s going to be and when it’s actually gonig to be born. Care to take a guess for yourself? We’ll be giving a prize to the person with the best guess. Of course this is only open to friends and family, so to any strangers on the web, you can guess, but you can’t win. :)

What’s your guess?


The nursery is all painted up. Now it’s time to fill it.

We finished painting the nursery this past weekend. You can’t help but have a smile on your face when you’re in the room. We’re setting up the crib, dresser and other furniture right now, and hope to have it all ready for our little one soon.


It’s a…we don’t know yet, but it’s really cute!!

We went in for our ultrasound the other day! If anyone knows me, they know I can be a little fidgetty. Okay a lot fidgettey. Well it turns out our new little one might just be the same. The ultrasound technician said that our baby moved more than any baby she had seen in years.

The ultrasound was neat for Melissa because she could see the baby move and then feel the movement in her tummy. Those arms and legs were moving all over the place. And just when the technician had the perfect shot the baby would role over or something. This little kid is gonna come out runnin’! From what we could see the baby has all of the appropriate bits and pieces, though I don’t get how those technicians can tell what they’re looking at. In about a month we’ll be going in for a 3D ultrasound, and then we’ll really get to see this baby move!!


Ohmygosh!!!! That was something!!!!!!

Ok, so you can all disregard my last blog of complaining and whining because I’m all happy and excited because……IT MOVED!!!!  After days of “hmmm what was that? Is it gas? Is it baby?  Is it alien?  I finally now can definitely declare these flutters and funny feelings as being baby!   This day rocks!!!  A big thank-you to all those sitting in class around me as I freak out all giddy-like!  Ok, and back to class….


And the wait goes on!

Today we reached 17 weeks and I swear it’s the slowest process in the world!  Everyone keeps telling us how quickly this will all fly by, or enjoy your waistline while you can…. I can’t help it, I want new evidence of our little one’s existence!  I want visual and more physical proof!!!  I had a major pride moment when my Dr actually got the tape measure out the other day to record our growth – it’s official: we have fundal (basically the height of the tummy/baby’s growth)!  Even though it’s a very slow growing process, it’s nice that someone besides us can see it!  And I got to hear the heartbeat again.  I still say it’s the greatest sound on earth (thus far)!  November 30th we go in for our ultrasound.  We’re hoping that between our home reno’s and my research project for the fire commissioner’s office the next 24 days go VERY quickly!  Then we see our little one, my last class EVER will be over, the Christmas season will officially be here, my birthday will come and go, and then (drumroll please) COURTNEY COMES HOME!!!!! yay!!!  With all this and more, this year is going to be yet another amazing Christmas!  Yup.  But today is a rainy day in November, and so I wait…..